For businesses with annual revenue over $1 million, I’m an expert in corporate finance who can bring you the clarity you need. As your outsourced/fractional CFO, I can help you with:

  • Break-even/cost analysis for a specific product/service
  • Forecasting & financial modeling
  • Budgeting
  • Cash flow analysis & improvement
  • Diagnosing problems and implementing solutions
  • Creating or optimizing collection systems and billing management
  • Positioning your company well for loans and investors
  • Demystifying your balance sheet
  • Creating & customizing internal controls to detect and prevent fraud in your business
  • Assessing whether your bookkeeper is recording transactions properly
  • Determining the best type of accounting method for your business (and it doesn’t have to match your tax return!)
  • Preparing your company to sell
  • Ensuring there’s no commingling of funds

For larger companies (annual revenue over $50 million), I cut through the burdensome, manual tasks to automate and optimize your critical processes. I’m also an expert in:

  • Augmenting your executive-level capacity when your existing CFO or Controller is overwhelmed with work
  • Preparing your company for an audit
  • Special projects

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